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Both the Kemp and Seven Points lobbies are open during normal hours.  Please continue to use the drive-thru whenever possible and wear a mask if you need to come inside.

For What It's Worth

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

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Shop Safely, Shop Securely

Shop Safely, Shop SecurelyOnline Security

This Christmas season as you frequent the stores and websites for those just "gotta have" gifts it is important to remember security. Not only is it important to be mindful of your physical security at stores, you also need to watch your digital security when shopping online.

Protect your debit card

  • Use your hand to guard the number as you swipe or insert into the card reader especially when using EMV readers where your card sticks out exposing most of the card number
  • Keep your receipts and shred them if you don't want them
  • When shopping online be sure you are at a credible site and the site is encrypted. Look for the https and the lock symbol in the address bar
  • Download the SHAZAM BOLT$ app today and monitor your debit card activity
  • Reconcile your account often

There is nothing you can do about data breaches, but you can do your part to help protect your account information from being stolen.

Gary Yarbrough joined First National Bank of Kemp in 1999. He currently serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. Gary spends most work days solving the many ID-10-T errors and making sure all systems are running smoothly at the bank. Gary attends First Baptist Church of Kemp with his wife and two sons where they lead Praise & Worship every Sunday morning.

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